The Facilities Working Group is responsible for reaching the goals outlined in the priority areas of the Cold Weather Shelter and the Navigation Center.

Navigation Center

Even with available resources, there isn’t a clear entrance into the homelessness response or prevention systems. Weld’s Way Home works to make sure that individuals experiencing homelessness and their neighbors will know exactly how to connect to needed resources. In some communities, navigation centers are physical locations where individuals experiencing homelessness can access basic necessities (daily showers, lockers for storage, stable mailing address, etc.) and supportive services (employment training, mental health care, case management, etc.). It also creates a safe place where the homeless can legally be without threat of being moved or targeted.

Weld’s Way Home will create a low-barrier navigation center model that is accessible countywide, which means finding creative ways to administer services and connect individuals to the homelessness response system outside of the limits of relying solely on a physical location for a navigation center.

Cold Weather Shelter

Emergency shelter during harsh winters can save lives. Catholic Charities has been administering this emergency overflow shelter during winter months for Weld County but the need has expanded beyond their capacity as they operate a full shelter year-round and do no have unlimited space and resources to dedicate to this additional population. Weld County needs a sustainable plan for providing this additional winter shelter so as to keep our neighbors from dying on the streets when the temperature drops to life threatening levels.

Weld’s Way Home (WWH) helps Catholic Charities expand their capacity so that they can still administer this essential emergency shelter. Catholic Charities’ staff are the experts at providing and managing shelter; Weld’s Way Home aims to expand capacity of those community experts so that they can impact more people and protect our most vulnerable residents. With this partnership, Weld County will have dedicated staff and space for emergency shelter each year.

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